The Story Behind

Helping Seniors

In the heart of San Diego, Cathy and John Wilson, harbored a shared dream to make senior living better. Cathy, with her background in gerontology, and John, a seasoned product reviewer, often found themselves amidst discussions about the challenges seniors face.

One sunny afternoon, as they interacted with the elderly in a local park, the need for reliable guidance on products and services for seniors became abundantly clear. This realization led to the creation of, a platform melding Cathy’s expertise with John’s eye for quality, aimed at providing trustworthy reviews and invaluable resources to empower the senior community.

John Wilson

Co-Founder and Product Review Specialist
John Wilson’s extensive experience in product management and his keen eye for quality make him the powerhouse behind the thorough and honest reviews at Having witnessed the challenges his own parents faced in their senior years, John, together with his wife Cathy, envisioned a platform where seniors could find reliable advice and handpicked products to ease their lives. His analytical skills and dedication to showcasing the truth, no matter how minute the detail, have made him a trustworthy advisor in the eyes of our readers. When not delving into product reviews, John enjoys woodworking, hiking with Cathy, and sharing tales of his adventures with his grandchildren.

Cathy Wilson

Co-Founder and Senior Living Enthusiast
With a heart full of compassion and a mind sharp with expertise, Cathy Wilson embarked on the journey of alongside her life partner, John. With a background in gerontology and years of experience in senior care, Cathy’s insights have been a beacon of support for many families navigating the intricacies of senior living. Her personable approach and unyielding commitment to empowering the elderly have fostered a community where seniors can find not only resources but also a sense of belonging. Outside of her work, Cathy enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, and gardening, and is an avid reader who believes in the power of lifelong learning.

Our Mission